Achieve a healthy indoor climate in the primary school

The indoor climate in Danish primary schools is so poor that children lose a whole year of education during their time at school. It is the equivalent of us collectively dropping out of sending our children to 9th grade.

With ÅBN's solutions, you get a documented indoor climate-improving tool which, through behaviour, habits and routine tools, improves the air quality in your school to ensure a safe and healthy environment for pupils, teachers and staff.

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    Create engagement

    We install and onboard directly in class and ensure the best possible start.

  • Create the habit

    With SKYEN's intuitive design and the indoor climate portal, we create a new culture for the indoor climate in the classroom.

  • Document the effect

    Don't just take our word for improving the indoor climate. Follow the indoor climate and help optimize it.

Solution designed for schools

ÅBNs CO2-måler, SKYEN, i to situationer; et med blåt lys, godt indeklima og friske børn og et med rødt lys, dårligt indeklima og trætte børn

User driven

Commitment to a better indoor climate

Our proven solution, SKYEN, is now even better with an accompanying onboarding process and indoor climate portal for each individual class.

We provide the best solution to ensure a better indoor climate in the primary school through the use of behavior and natural ventilation.

Skærm i klasselokale med ÅBNs Luftens Helte-læringsunivers

Say goodbye to complicated indoor climates

The class's own indoor climate portal

Scan the accompanying QR code and get an insight into the class's indoor climate and go on the hunt for exciting learning and teaching material that helps with the class's specific challenge. Do you have a high CO2 level? Take the course on CO2 and learn how you can improve it.

- and to municipalities

Bærbar computer med en masse data


Your data - right where you need it

Get access to your rooms' indoor climate parameters digitally via API or physically in the room through the MODBUS connection.

Computerskærm med søjlediagram af Bakkeskolens indeklima-mærke


Simple municipal overview

Receive a quarterly report on all registered schools in the municipality. The report provides an overview of the schools' indoor climate and labels each school from A - G according to the school's quarterly full indoor climate measure of six parameters.

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Billede af rapport der dokumentere adfærds effekt på ÅBN SKYEN som ligger på et træbord

97% improved indoor climate - guaranteed!

ÅBN is the only supplier on the market that can present comprehensive documentation on improving the indoor climate.

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Cirkel med CO2-måleren SKYENs fordele for skoler, kommuner og eksterne parter

360 degree solution for primary schools and municipalities

No more solutions that only cover parts of your needs. In close dialogue with the municipality, we have developed a solution that both helps to improve the indoor climate of the primary school and creates the right documentation for the administration.

Kenneth Bastholm Mortensen, Koordinator i Energiteamet, Københavns Kommune BUF

Recommended by energy technologists

"We use SKYEN in places where ventilation is not sufficient, to ensure the best indoor climate.

Our goals in the energy team are, among other things, to create good energy users, and SKYEN and ÅBN indoor climate universe help with that."

- Kenneth Bastholm Mortensen, Coordinator in the Energy Team, Copenhagen Municipality BUF.

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Leasing agreement, tailored to your needs

With fixed monthly price incl. service agreement and insurance for your organization

Blond pige holder indeklima måler SKYEN i hånden mens hun sidder på en trappe

Lease your equipment for a fixed monthly price.

With a subscription agreement with ÅBN, it is easier than ever to purchase new meters for your company in a simple and cost-effective way.

OPEN gives you the flexibility to make changes as your needs change. ÅBN helps you put together the best solution for your organization. Regardless of whether you have to implement a new strategy or simply want to be updated on the latest equipment, we tailor a solution for you.

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