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Case about Mit Lægehus Rødovre Centrum's use of the SKYEN

In a time when awareness of a healthy indoor climate has never been higher, Mit Lægehus Rødovre Centrum is showing the way with their innovative use of indoor climate-improving technology, SKYEN. This case examines how a focus on the indoor climate can not only improve daily life for both patients and staff, but also actively contribute to reducing the risk of infection by airborne viruses.

The situation: Challenges with indoor climate in the doctor's office

Mit Lægehus, a dynamic medical practice located in the heart of Rødovre Centrum, faced a common challenge in many working environments: attention to the importance of the indoor climate for the well-being of both employees and patients. Morten Hovgaard-Sveen, one of the hospital's specialist doctors, admits that their awareness of the importance of the indoor climate was limited.

The solution: Implementation of the CLOUD

The choice fell on SKYEN, a ground-breaking product designed to monitor and visually indicate the oxygen level in the room - a direct indicator of when ventilation is needed. This initiative not only ensured a healthier working environment but also a standardization of ventilation habits that were previously based on individual preferences.

"As a healthcare facility, it goes without saying that both we and our patients should be in healthy and ventilated rooms. The risk of airborne infection can even be kept down with optimal ventilation.
That is why we have chosen to invest in the CLOUD, as it visually indicates when it is time to ventilate, namely when the oxygen level in the room is too low. With SKYEN, we now have a sound ventilation policy that has standardized our ventilation patterns, instead of it being dictated by the needs and wishes of individual colleagues. SKYEN gives us a clear indication of when to air out, which both patients and employees are happy about"

- Morten Hovgaard-Sveen.

The result: Improved indoor climate and health

The implementation of the CLOUD has resulted in noticeable improvements. Staff report fewer cases of headaches and fatigue, symptoms often associated with poor indoor climate. This positive change in the indoor climate has not only increased job satisfaction, but also supported a healthier daily life for everyone in the hospital.

"With the behavioral change, we experience less fatigue and headaches among the staff, as a result of the now natural focus on fresh air in the clinic.
I recommend everyone to buy SKYEN as a ventilation product that simply and intuitively changes our behavior and sets the agenda for a healthy indoor climate for everyone".

Morten Hovgaard-Sveen, Specialist in General Medicine

- Morten Hovgaard-Sveen

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