Skole- og Ældreforvaltningen Nordfyns kommune - Åbn

School and Elderly Administration Nordfyn municipality

The situation:
In 2021, Risk Advisor John Jørgensen was introduced to ÅBN and SKYEN by his health manager. "We know that ventilation is one of the places that is often saved on in our buildings when we build new and renovate. At the same time, there is a green focus on construction, which often focuses on retaining heat and saving energy, more than on ventilation and indoor climate. It is therefore important that we pay attention to how we can best design our buildings, so that we both accommodate energy savings and a good indoor climate.” – John Jorgensen

The solution:
John Jørgensen therefore thinks that SKYEN would be interesting to work with, and has held 2 different pilot projects in the School and Elderly Administration as a springboard.

In collaboration with the largest school in the municipality, Bogense School, their service manager and selected subject teachers received SKYER as part of a structured pilot project. As part of the project, they used Luft til Læring - a teaching material about indoor climate, prepared in collaboration with the publisher Alinea.

The second pilot project took place at various schools that wanted to gain experience with SKYEN and an increased focus on ventilation.

The result:
After the two tests, John Jørgensen says: "We have had a really good response to SKYERNE, and we held our first evaluation meeting here in April. A few employees from ÅBN participated in our evaluation, as they think our approach to SKYEN was interesting. There are many good, technical products on the market for measuring indoor climate and providing data. However, they are very much aimed at technical employees. SKYEN is a simple tool that is easy to deal with when you need to vent.”

Peter Lindeskov, technical service manager at Bogense School, tells, among other things, about their experiences with the SKYEN:
"The CLOUD creates wild (positive) attention when it turns red. Both among the students, but also at meetings with colleagues. And that provides a good starting point for talking about venting. One experience is that by creating proper draft, you can typically reduce the time for venting by 2/3. This results in significantly less heat loss during the cold periods. At the same time, we have become more aware of how we can get the most out of the interaction between manual ventilation and mechanical ventilation.”

Service manager Peter Lindeskov is part of a municipal working group on green transition, and has therefore had a particular interest in the experiences from SKYEN. He can bring the experiences from SKYEN to the working group and provide perspective from practical use.

Peter Lindeskov, technical service manager at Bogense School
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