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SKYEN IoT sensor

SKYEN IoT sensor

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SKYEN IoT Sensor - Improve your indoor climate with intelligent technology

Experience a revolution in indoor climate improvement with the SKYEN IoT sensor from ÅBN. Our innovative solution is designed to create a healthier and more productive environment in schools, offices and other public buildings.

SKYEN is an advanced, plug-and-play lamp with built-in IoT technology that measures and visualizes the indoor climate in a simple and intuitive way. With a proven effect, SKYEN can help reduce headaches, difficulty concentrating and fatigue, increasing overall performance.

How does the CLOUD work?

Comprehensive Monitoring of Indoor Climate:

SKYEN's advanced sensor constantly measures six essential indoor climate parameters: CO2, humidity, temperature, noise, light and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds). By monitoring these parameters in real time, SKYEN ensures that all aspects of the indoor climate are kept in optimal balance. When any of these parameters deviates from the ideal level, the CLOUD provides visual signals to inform and guide users on necessary actions to improve the indoor climate. This comprehensive overview helps create a healthier and more productive environment where everyone can thrive.

Visualization and Involvement:
Appoint a weekly dux, the "Hero of the Air", who will be responsible for airing out when the CLOUD lights up red. This engages both children and adults in maintaining a healthy indoor climate in a fun and interactive way.

Technology and Integration

IoT Connection and API

SKYEN is equipped with advanced IoT technology, which makes it possible to integrate with your existing systems via MODBUS and open API. This ensures trouble-free data integration without the need for WiFi, which makes it easy to connect the CLOUD to your building management systems or other platforms. The open API allows flexibility in the data exchange, so you can adapt the solution to your specific needs.


SKYEN comes with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, designed to provide an immediate overview of the indoor climate. The dashboard visualizes the measurements of CO2, humidity, temperature, noise, light and TVOC in an easy-to-understand way, making it easy for non-technical users to follow and react to changes in the indoor climate. This enables you to make informed decisions and ensure that the indoor climate is always optimal.

Advantages of the CLOUD:

  • Simple installation: Plug-and-play design makes it easy to get started without the need for technical expertise.
  • Intuitive user interface: Easy-to-understand light signals ensure that everyone can follow along and react quickly.
  • Improved performance: Reduce symptoms like headaches and fatigue and create a more productive environment.
  • Documented effect: SKYEN has been tested and documented to significantly improve the indoor climate.
  • Engaging and educational: Involve the entire class or office in maintaining a healthy indoor climate through interactive learning and accountability.

Take the first step towards a better indoor climate and experience the difference with the CLOUD and create a healthier, more productive environment.

Read more about SKYEN's documented effect

Do you want help with the installation? Additional installation here.

Note that data exchange with the SKYEN IoT sensor requires a subscription. Contact us to hear more.

Technical specifications

Power consumption: 5 V, 0.4 A, 2 W

Power supply: Switching power supply 5 V - 1 A

Operating conditions: 5 C - +45 C

Indoor wall mounting

Do not install in dusty environments

Do not cover

Do not hang in wet rooms

Color: White

Dimensions: 143 x 83 x 46mm (W x H x D)

CO2 accuracy: 0 — 5000 ppm ± (50 ppm + 3% reading value)

Protection class: IP20

Disclaimer: Subject to technical changes

The content of the package


External power supply (cf. 11 Technical Specifications)

Adhesive pads for hanging

Quick guide

Delivery and return

We ship within 1-2 business days with GLS. 1-3 days are expected for delivery.
When picking up at our warehouse, this must be noted as a note. Please note that you cannot collect before the agreed time.


140mm (w) x 80mm (h) x 40mm (d).


The CLOUD must be kept on at all times and must not be switched off.

THE CLOUD requires no maintenance. In the event that the product is defective or does not function as intended, contact the supplier.


All manufactured units are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from delivery. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and component defects.

SKYEN has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute, which has documented a 7-year accuracy guarantee.

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To mænd står og snakker. Den ene holder æsken til CO2-måleren, SKYEN, fra ÅBN

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