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The Health and Aging Administration Halsnæs municipality

The situation:

In the care for the elderly in Halsnæs municipality, employees and managers suffered from headaches and fatigue due to poor indoor climate in the offices. Installation of ventilation systems was judged to be too costly and difficult.

The solution:

Due to the many resources it would require to install a ventilation system, the care for the elderly chose to buy SKYER with associated posters for the offices and set-up. ÅBN installed and implemented SKYEN, and introduced the employees and managers to how to ventilate correctly in relation to the structure of the room.

The result:

The response to SKYEN at the aged care facility in Halsnæs has been positive, and Birgitte Møller Hansen, manager of the aged care facility, states:

"The CLOUDS have had a major impact on the indoor climate in the offices from day one. My employees have become aware that the quality of the air is insufficient several times a day, and the air is being aired out far more often than before. SKYEN's simple design makes it visual for all of us when it's time to vent.

Even in meetings with outsiders, we can easily tell that we vent when the CLOUD is red.

There has been a general agreement on when it is necessary to ventilate. In addition, we have a new meeting culture where the meetings are shorter or have more "breathing breaks".

The best thing about the CLOUDS is that my colleagues and I no longer have headaches when we are at work.

At the latest AGM, SKYEN was also mentioned as a positive initiative among my colleagues.

I send my warmest recommendation of SKYEN to other offices where the indoor climate affects the well-being and health of the employees, and where the solution can be a simple visualization of when it is time to air out".

Birgitte Møller Hansen, head of elderly care in Halsnæs Municipality
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