Design in collaboration with Danish school students

When we started our adventure in ÅBN, our goal was to develop a solution that involved the user, was easy to implement and created a common frame of reference for the indoor climate. It was supposed to be a "low-hanging fruit" in a market where the solutions were difficult to implement and incredibly expensive.

We therefore decided to involve school pupils in the design work, and it is therefore also the children and their drawings that have given shape to the CLOUD.

In the initial design process, we worked with a luminous box that glowed green, yellow or red for good, medium and bad indoor climate.

But when the children had to draw a bad indoor climate, they used the color green. The children associated green with farts, burps, poison, vomit, sludge, pollution and garbage.

The children, in turn, drew the good indoor climate with fresh blue colors and a blue cloud in the sky.

That is why the CLOUD today glows blue when the indoor climate is good and red when it is bad.

Created with the World Goals in mind

ÅBN was born, as in every entrepreneurial adventure, in a dark basement at DTU in Ballerup. The creators were four students who had been given the task of developing and testing solutions that supported the UN's Global Goals.

SKYEN and our similar products are therefore directly based on the Global Goals, with a particular focus on the following three goals:

  • FN's tredje verdensmål, Sundhed og trivsel, illustreret med en grøn hjerterytme og et grønt hjerte

    Health and Well-Being

    We want to prevent disease transmission by airborne viruses as well as eliminate indoor climate-related diseases and nuisances such as headaches and difficulty concentrating.

  • FN's fjerde verdensmål, Kvalitetsuddannelse, illustreret med en rød bog og kuglepen

    Quality education

    We want to ensure equal access to a healthy learning climate with an easily understandable and profitable product that all schools have the opportunity to buy and know how to use.

  • FN's ellevte verdensmål, Bæredygtige Byer og Lokalsamfund, illustreret med fire orange bygninger

    Sustainable Cities and Local Communities

    We want to contribute to the sustainable use of the building mass by helping sustainable behaviour. We want to help building owners make the right decisions for sustainable maintenance, renovation and construction.

Beskrivelse af at SKYEN og undervisning giver markante forbedringer af indeklimaet, støttet af Realdania

Documented simple solutions

It is absolutely central to us that our solutions are thoroughly tested and have a documented effect. ÅBN is the only supplier on the market that can present comprehensive documentation on improving the indoor climate.

SKYEN is a cost-effective and intuitive, plug-and-play solution, everyone understands - all schools and offices' way to a healthy and comfortable working day!

To mennesker i et rum kigger ud af et vindue

That's how we see it

The indoor climate in Danish primary schools is so poor that children lose a whole year of education during their time at school.

It is the equivalent of us collectively dropping out of sending our children to 9th grade. They lose educational value because the noise, temperature and CO2 levels in the classrooms are far too high.

When the noise, temperature and CO2 levels are too high, the indoor climate becomes bad. The consequence is that our children and teachers become sicker and that they find it more difficult to concentrate on schoolwork.

The problems with poor indoor climate have been known since 2009. Yet, from the political side, not enough has been done to overcome the problems. We cannot be aware of this in front of our children, teachers, pedagogues and other employees in the primary school.

According to the Implement Consulting Group, an average energy renovation of a primary school costs around DKK 1.3 million. There are almost 1,250 primary schools, and therefore it can quickly turn into a costly affair.

Mennesker der ligger på gulvet og har fødderne oppe i en sofa

At the core of ÅBN burns a deep passion for improving the indoor climate in primary schools.

We believe that a healthy and pleasant learning environment is essential for students' well-being and performance.

We offer a unique behavior solution with documentation to improve the indoor climate in the primary school through a combination of behavior and learning for less than DKK 150 per month per student. classroom.

At the same time, we create the municipal action plan for improving the indoor climate in municipal buildings through quarterly reports with knowledge and recommendations for improvements.