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IT & Welfare, Esbjerg Municipality

The situation

Esbjerg Municipality is Denmark's 6th largest municipality. SKYEN has been purchased for offices, meeting rooms and care centres.

Esbjerg Municipality lacked a tool for systematic and routine ventilation, which was usually done "when you felt like it". This resulted in inadequate ventilation, which was de-prioritized during a busy working day.

"When you make large-scale offices, it will be enclosed. When we look at our IT support, there are a lot of people sitting and there are PCs, so this was a good reason to pay close attention to the ventilation. Windows were of course opened, but it was not done systematically."
- Heidi Vestergaard Larsen, Head of Welfare Technology, IT & Education.

The municipality did not have high expectations for the project and simply hoped to receive a simple tool to create the right routines for the ventilation.

"We chose SKYEN because it is simple. It does not require major prerequisites and is easy to use. It should be when we talk about welfare technology solutions, and this was it. SKYEN did not require many resources for us to get implemented".


Esbjerg Municipality bought 50 SKYER incl. setup/implementation and posters.


Our feedback on the CLOUDS is that people have become much more aware and vent a lot more than they did before. It also means that the heaviness in the head later in the day is not there in the same way.

The idea was that the CLOUD would hang around for three months and then move on to the next location. We have chosen to move away from that, so now people can have the CLOUD for as long as they want.

According to Heidi, "we have no expectations for further results. We are actually very satisfied with what we have and stick with it."

Heidi Vestergaard Larsen, Head of Welfare Technology, IT & Education in Esbjerg Municipality

Heidi Vestergaard Larsen
Head of Welfare Technology, IT & Education
Esbjerg municipality.

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