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Øster Farimagsgades School

Øster Farimagsgades School is a school in Copenhagen municipality with approx. 800 students and a further approx. 300 children in leisure facilities, which are in the school
physical framework, which further challenges the space capacity.

The situation

The school inspector at the time, Alex, says: " In 2013, Øster Farimagsgades School got a new school building for about DKK 80 million, of which about 1/4 went to a new modern ventilation system. However, the ventilation has caused several years of problems with errors and defects , which those responsible have not dealt with particularly professionally - on the contrary, we have been met with a wall of poor excuses and lack of service, which put us in a difficult situation.

The solution

We introduced and implemented a project in the primary classes with a fantastic effect, involving the students in the youngest classes to relate to the installed SKY's change of color when the air in the classroom was too full of CO2.


From day one, the students took responsibility and immediately alerted the teacher when the CLOUD had changed from blue (good indoor climate) to red (bad indoor climate), which meant that the whole class was preoccupied with physically airing out the classroom by opening windows and ventilation to the hallway - simple and student-engaging in a room that should have been covered by electronic ventilation, but which did not work.

Øster Farimagsgades School

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