Case: The Org - Åbn

Case: The Org

The situation:

The Org sits in two old apartments in inner Copenhagen, which are in no way built for office use, with many people gathered for many hours. The room is built like classic manor apartments in old Copenhagen style with many windows, but there is no way to build mechanical ventilation. The only button we have to turn in relation to the indoor climate is to open the windows, which in winter is a cold pleasure. This also means that there is a lot of tug-of-war between whether the windows should be opened or kept closed, and no consensus on how indoor climate is prioritized in relation to comfort.

The solution:

The Org chose to buy SKYEN, as they saw it as a solution for several things, including:

  • To use it as a gossip handle for our next new place, regarding whether the ventilation system is working optimally
  • Cultural indicator that we care about people's well-being
  • Because we care about health, and want to show it to our employees, as well as show them that we take care of them
  • To back startups with a cool agenda

  • The result:

    According to Cirkeline Ask, Director of Community at The Org: "The CLOUD is a good tool to help those of us who want to vent to get it done. Before, there was a tug-of-war, as we had no arguments that it was precisely now that airing should be done. With SKYEN, we have argued for saying, "Whoah SKYEN is red, let's just make a vent".

    There is no one who wants to be the grumpy "busman" who says that now we have to vent. That is why we are happy to be able to give SKYEN that role. Because if people try to contradict the venting, we simply say that "It's not my idea - it's the CLOUD that says we must" and somehow people then accept that the venting is done. We definitely ventilate more in the winter months, where before the windows were kept closed, as people thought it was cold. Now there is no excuse for venting once in a while."

    Cirkeline Ask, Director of Community at The Org
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