Vejle kommune - Velfærdsforvaltningen - Åbn

Vejle municipality - Welfare Administration

The situation:

There was a desire for a greater focus on health and ventilation, but in a busy everyday life with many tasks, it can be difficult to prioritize. In the Senior, Handicap and Psychiatry areas, all 3 specialist areas wanted a greater focus on nudging for more frequent venting.

The solution:

This nudging was to be supported by the technology SKYEN from the company ÅBN. 101 units were purchased for the project. THE CLOUD, of which 99 of them were distributed over a total of 22 locations. The purpose of the test was to investigate whether SKYEN can nudge more frequent ventilation and what the employees think of the technology.

The result:

At the end of the project, a SurveyXact questionnaire with six questions was sent out. 54 managers and employees have answered the questionnaire.

The study shows a correlation between the SKYEN and more frequent venting compared to the baseline before they got the SKYEN. Several people write that the CLOUD makes them aware that it is time to vent, as they would otherwise not remember to do it. The survey also shows that over 90% are happy with SKYEN.

The administration's feedback was that SKYEN is a good visual indicator of when to ventilate, and that SKYEN thus makes it "legal" to open the windows, as the residents otherwise think it drafts too much.

Others also use the CLOUD as an "excuse" to their colleagues to ventilate when it's cold outside. When the CLOUD lights up red, it largely gives rise to a discussion about ventilation in the staff room, often about how little is needed before the indoor climate becomes bad.

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