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3 tips for a better home office

Due to the Coronavirus, many people are working from home today, and for the next 14 days. It can sometimes be difficult to get the same things done as in the office and arrange your workplace at home - so here you get 3 good tips that can help you.

Get the ergonomics right – the laptop is a culprit!

Many people have taken a laptop home with them. It's smart because you can access your files and have the entire workplace with you.

The laptop is just not good ergonomically.

When using a laptop, you are forced into a position that exposes your back and shoulders.

If possible, make sure to keep the keyboard and screen separate. Raise the computer screen to a height where you would look at a regular computer screen. Otherwise it will be 14 long days...

If you don't have a stand for your laptop, you can place it on a stack of books and thereby raise it.

Shut down distractions and schedule your time.

Plan, plan, plan…

When you're at home and working, it's easy to manage to bake buns, vacuum, help the children with homework, make sure they get something to eat, make a cup of coffee, get the entire cabin descaled or just finally take the zero man who you've been looking at since we entered the new year - or sitting and reading this blog post...

But it takes longer than you think! It is one thing to fix the above, but every time you are interrupted, you have to get back into your concentration again – and that takes a long time.

So it is a good idea to schedule the day. Plan it from the morning and stick to it. Shield from distractions such as smartphones and other devices – even the children if possible.

Ventilate well

Currently, the whole family is gathered at home all day - inside. Many people talk about how often they now have to clean - but it is even more important to look at how often they now have to air out!

When we gather indoors, we are many people in the home. We exhale a lot of CO2 and it goes beyond everyone's ability to concentrate - in fact also the risk of infection.

Create a ventilation policy at home and possibly add it together with your above scheme. Then you make sure you have a healthy workplace with scheduled times, ventilation, healthy sitting positions and a lower risk of disease transmission.

We have made a CO2 indicator that tells you when it is time to ventilate. When you're done with it at home, take it to the office or give it to your kids at school. You can read much more about it right here .

Good will to work!

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