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ÅBN at Folkemødet

This year, ÅBN participates in the public meeting with an important agenda.

If Denmark is to be able to call itself a knowledge society, it requires that our children have the best conditions for learning and well-being.

It's a no-brainer and the math isn't particularly difficult to do:

Indoor climate = learning + well-being = level of education = GDP

It is nothing new that the indoor climate in 90% of the country's public schools is too bad. The worst thing is that nothing has happened since 2016, when it came to light. And this is despite the fact that, among other things, Realdania has set aside as much as DKK 30 million to improve it. So it's a great effort!

It does not hold that so few have to pull the tow. Something needs to happen!

Perhaps the reason is that it costs over DKK 1.3 million to energy-renovate a school (minimum recommendation if the indoor climate is to be improved). Instead, let's take advantage of the low-hanging fruit and take advantage of the solutions that already work from tomorrow. Maybe we won't get there all the way, but we'll come a long way.

Where can you meet ÅBN at the public meeting?

We attend all days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), and we would like to talk to you.

Among other things, we participate in the debates Out with the kids! The classroom of the future after corona, and How do we ensure a better well-being for pupils and students in the reopening? .

In addition, we will also be present at Slægtsgården with Rud Pedersen.

We are looking forward to a few days full of debates, that we meet, and not least to get a boost in the improvement of the indoor climate in the Danish primary schools! It's about our children.

Find us or we'll find you first!

Contact us and let's meet:

Kristoffer Jensen, CEO

+45 4013 0705


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