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Anni Matthiesen - MF, Venstre's plan for the indoor climate of schools

We have asked member of parliament Anni Matthiesen about what the Liberals will do for the indoor climate of schools after this general election.

The answer can be read below:

"It is crucial that we ensure a good indoor climate in the classrooms, as we know that the indoor climate is important for the students' learning.

It is the municipalities' responsibility to ensure a proper indoor climate in their buildings and institutions, including primary schools.

The schools' staff and students are the ones who use the premises the most. That is why I also think they are central in relation to routines, perspectives and proposed solutions.

In addition, we must not underestimate the importance of properly ventilating and opening the windows, e.g. during breaks. I know, for example, that there are schools which work on the basis of a very clear principle that windows are opened in all classes at certain times during the school day. Other schools can be inspired by that."

Anni Mathiesen - MF, Left

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