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Visual indoor climate and ventilation at the Studenterhuset

"It's clear to see how behavior-controlling the CLOUD is for us when you make the indoor climate visual - it's really useful in our daily life so we know when to air out," says director of Studenterhuset Jacob Ørum .

Studenterhuset in Copenhagen – the students' house for activities, parties and ideas across the University of Copenhagen's many faculties and subjects.

The house is located in the middle of Købmagergade - closer to number 52, right next to the beautiful Round Tower and the building itself has a fantastic history as one of Copenhagen's firehouses built after the fire in 1728.

Købmagergade 52 is a listed building built in 1729 and has housed several prominent people such as the founder of the botanical garden – Professor Medicinae and botanist, Christian Friis Bøll and naval officer Olfert Fischer.

The building today oozes with student activity – both from the past and the present. Among other things, there has previously been a dormitory, and in 1820 the Studenterforeningen had its first premises in the building. Today, the building has been renovated to be a place where students from the University of Copenhagen can meet, hold parties, concerts or sit down with a cup of coffee and do their homework in the café.

The indoor climate in the office in a listed building

But – on top of the café, the building houses the student organisation's offices and meeting rooms. We have previously written about what it is like to sit in an office in a listed building - read more about it here.

It is important for everyone to have a good indoor climate when sitting and working - whether you are a primary school student entering school, a student at university, a communications officer or a director.

The poor indoor climate caused by too high a CO2 level reduces performance and learning, increases the risk of asthma and disease transmission and much more. That is why it is important to get air out during the day. Especially when you sit in a listed building. The problem is that the CO2 level is invisible and can only be felt when the damage has occurred.

This led Jacob Ørum to invest in a SKY that visualizes the indoor climate, for their office, at Købmagergade 52.

SKYEN behavior manager

"It's clear to see how behavior-controlling the CLOUD is for us when you make the indoor climate visual - it's really useful in our everyday life so we know when to ventilate.

Before, it could be borderline venting when people were sitting and working with blankets on, so they even put on a jacket. It slowed us down in venting, but now that it's done visually with the CLOUD, everyone can participate and everyone takes responsibility collectively, so that it's not one person who sits and says that venting must be done.

THE CLOUD makes the indoor climate a shared responsibility and easy to respond to, so we have a collective ventilation policy". says director of Studenterhuset Jacob Ørum.

Bad indoor climate can come from somewhere else from…

Something else interesting Jacob told was how the CLOUD can also glow red, even if the influence does not come from them themselves, in the office.

Below the office, there is a large conference room that can accommodate up to 90 people.

"When the room is in use, SKYEN lights up red after approx. 45 minutes up with us above," says Jacob Ørum. "That's why we are now aware of getting the air out when there are conferences or other events going on" .

At ÅBN, we think it is extremely interesting to see how the use of the entire building must be taken into account when talking about CO2 in individual rooms.

CO2 is precisely the invisible quantity that can be difficult to react to. It is a type of air that will probably have to be found and made amber in it, if you can't ventilate it in the office - with aeration you can be sure to reduce the CO2 level.

Simply air out to get a good indoor climate in the workplace.

Also read, if necessary, how incorrect ventilation can cause mould , and how SKYEN can help to ensure correct ventilation.

Or you can ensure yourself a good indoor climate in the office by following these 5 steps .

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