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The discussion stopper

Everyone is different – ​​and fortunately so. It also means that we must take each other into account and accept each other's differences.

We see how conflicts around the indoor climate quickly arise and can disrupt the daily operations and the foundation for well-being in various organisations. SKYEN can contribute to remedying this. Read here how.

Everyone has their preferences – also when it comes to indoor climate and ventilation. Conflicts can quickly arise both in the office, at school or at home about how far the windows should be open or closed, and not least for how long.

Of course, no one should sit in a row, freeze or get sick. However, it can sometimes be difficult to say out loud if there is another person or several people who want the window to be kept open. Or conversely, if everyone wants the window closed, it can be difficult to open the window if everyone says it is drafty or that they are freezing.

The air quality is primarily assessed by the people in the room based on one opinion, which makes the assessment very subjective as everyone has different needs. How do you think the indoor climate is?

So who should be considered? Who is right? We risk that by solving one person's problem, you simply create a new problem for another.

Common reference point

It can therefore be incredibly challenging to create a good indoor climate culture and well-being when it is based on the different needs and experiences of the staff.

One of the challenges on e.g. a shared office is that everyone has different needs that must be taken into account, including the indoor climate.

Here SKYEN can create a conversation and curiosity among each other's differences, rather than a potential conflict.

"When we open the windows facing the motorway 30 meters away, it is associated with a lot of noise. But with SKYEN as chief judge, the employee can now open the window and air out with a clear conscience" - Muncholm A/S

Here, the employees have the challenge that when airing is to be done there is a lot of noise. It can therefore be difficult for the employees to assess and agree on when and how much should be aired out. Fortunately, they are very happy with the SKYEN and let it decide when the windows should be opened and closed, as the SKYEN creates a common reference point for the indoor climate.

Visualizing the indoor climate is a way of creating a common point of reference as an authority in the workplace, and helps to remove the discussions as it determines the action.

With the SKYEN as a CO2 meter, it will create a better indoor climate for the employees if you let it decide when to ventilate. With lower CO2 levels, employees can also concentrate better when they work.

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