The indoor climate in the Danish public schools is too bad. We have the solution, for schools and municipalities, and we call it INSIDE+

Our unique solution, SKYEN, can now also function as the class's indoor climate monitor with six sensors, dashboard for the class, learning material and municipal solutions for monitoring and reporting.

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    Carbon dioxide is found in the air we exhale and affects learning and productivity.

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    Achieve the right temperature and save on the heating bill

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    Relative humidity

    Avoid the consequential damage that comes with an incorrect moisture level.

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    Keep an eye on the pollution of the air by measuring the volatile organic compounds.

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    Monitor the general noise level in full and empty rooms

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    Ensure optimal lighting conditions - all year round.

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Created for schools and administration

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Physical visual indicator shows the CO2 level and warns when it is too high.
The sensor also measures and sends 6 indoor climate parameters without the use of Wi-Fi.

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The indoor climate portal of the class

Simple indoor climate portal, with historical data and tailored learning material that addresses the specific indoor climate challenges in the classroom.

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Air heroes

A dedicated onboarding course facilitates a simple and educational introduction to the use of SKYEN and the indoor climate portal for the class.

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Data access

Get data from all your locations via simple access to our cloud or via API and MODBUS

Billede af Lasse Frost fra Implement Consulting som var konsulent for ÅBN til dokumentation

Documented effectiveness with impressive results

"Our study shows quite clearly that SKYEN, together with a habit kit, supports new sustainable habits in the classroom, which gives students a healthier indoor climate.

When the CO2 level becomes too high, it starts to have a negative impact on the students' well-being and learning. But with the CLOUD, that is actually eliminated.

Here, a year later, there is no indication that the effect is returning. It's pretty crazy."

Lasse Frost
Consultant, Implement Consulting Group

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Subscription agreement, tailored to your needs.

With fixed monthly price incl. service agreement and insurance for your organization

To mænd står udenfor og løfter SKYEN op i luften

Lease your equipment for a fixed monthly price.

With a subscription agreement with ÅBN, it is easier than ever to purchase new meters for your company in a simple and cost-effective way.

OPEN gives you the flexibility to make changes as your needs change. ÅBN helps you put together the best solution for your organization. Regardless of whether you have to implement a new strategy or simply want to be updated on the latest equipment, we tailor a solution for you.

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