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5 identical CLOUDS have been modified to produce the CO2 concentration in ppm for the validation measurements. The tests involved exposure to multiple CO2 calibration gas concentrations, start-up testing, auto-calibration validation and stability testing in an office environment. A calibrated Lumasense Innova 1512 was used as reference equipment.

The results

All sensors were exposed to 5 different CO2 concentrations (451, 786, 1044, 1566 and 2000 ppm) and the results are shown below along with the minimum and maximum values ​​according to the specifications.

The sensors' auto-calibration routine assumes a background concentration of 400 ppm, but the concentration at the test site was 410-430 ppm. This has led to a systematic underestimation of the measured value by 10-30 ppm. This can also be seen to affect the measured CO2 value, which is in the lower part of the area in the graph. 5-day stability testing in an office environment showed all measured values ​​within specifications. Start-up tests at CO2 concentrations of 400 ppm and 1800 ppm showed no problems with accuracy after turning off the devices for 9-15 minutes at low or high CO2 concentrations.


The 5 CLOUDS passed the tests performed and were all within the specified accuracy of +/- 50 ppm +/- 3% of reading.

Tests performed and validated by

Jonas Andersen and Casper Laur Building

Bioengineering and Environmental Technology @ Institute of Technology

M: +45 72 20 19 29

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