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The Heroes of the Air kit

The Heroes of the Air kit

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At ÅBN, we focus on creating good habits that support the use of SKYEN in the classroom. Luftens Helte is an "indoor climate duvet scheme" for the primary and middle grades, which gives the students co-responsibility for airing out when the CLOUD lights up red, so that the indoor climate can be kept healthy.

The Heroes of the Air kit includes:

  • Introduction and guidance for the teacher
  • A short story about the Heroes of the Air for the students
  • A cloud-shaped white-board sticker for the window, where the name of the "Hero of the Air" is written for each week
  • Brainbreaks, which are physical activities that can be included in lessons and during breaks and/or while venting

Remember to purchase Heroes of the Air for SKYEN to reinforce the behavior change and the indoor climate improvements in the class.

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To mænd står og snakker. Den ene holder æsken til CO2-måleren, SKYEN, fra ÅBN

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