Case: Kalundborg Kommunes Realdania indeklimastrategi - Åbn

Case: Kalundborg Municipality's Realdania indoor climate strategy


In Kalundborg Municipality, they have a great focus on improving the indoor climate of primary schools. That is why the municipality is part of the Realdania project - a collaboration across school and property management, which will result in an overall municipal indoor climate strategy for all schools.

The solution:

As part of the project, SKYEN is used, so that the students and teachers take joint responsibility for the indoor climate. In some rooms the aim is to reduce the CO2 levels in the classrooms, in others it is simply to let the ventilation work.

The municipality has chosen to invite the student councils from the training from all schools to ÅBN's Indoor Climate Ambassador training, in order to prepare the Students' Indoor Climate Strategy.

According to Tanja Kristensen, Head of School and project manager in the Realdania Project, the children's voice is one of the most important things in terms of optimizing the conditions in the primary school. Since it is important, the municipality does not only have the adults' indoor climate strategy, which is based on what they think could be good for the students.

The result:

Part of the project team is Rune Frimann Larsen, team leader in properties:

"It has been interesting to hear what the children experience at school and how they come up with solutions to the problems. They get a lot of knowledge and tools that can help all the technical solutions along the way, because we can get so far with the technology and the way we arrange our buildings, but there is also a big behavioral part, which they have to be ambassadors for and get their mates along”.

Tanja and Rune emphasize the importance of involving students in creating a better environment for everyone. They are both committed to helping Kalundborg schools' management implement their indoor climate strategy with support from all stakeholders.

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