Overvejer du at købe en luftrenser men er i tvivl om den har den rigtige effekt? Så læs med her! - Åbn

Are you considering buying an air purifier but are unsure whether it has the right effect? So read along here!

In a very short time, air purifiers have become very popular. The idea is good, but can they live up to what they promise?

If you read on the various websites that offer air purifiers, you are promised both a better indoor climate and that it can remove unhealthy particles such as fungus, tobacco smell, particles from livestock and pollen. So there is no doubt that it almost sounds like a miracle fix.

Yes, actually, according to them, you don't need to ventilate as much as the Norwegian Occupational Safety and Health Authority recommends, i.e. 3 times a day for 5 minutes.

But if you investigate a little more closely, it actually turns out that there is no documented effect that an air purifier actually works. This is due, among other things, to the fact that there are no legal requirements or standards for what an air purifier must be able to do. It is therefore incredibly easy for the providers to advertise everything they can, without having a significant documented effect.

Having said that, Kristine, owner of the asthma-allergy shop, recommends that you get an air purifier if you have asthma and are affected by pollen allergies. During the pollen season, it is important that you only air out in the early morning or late evening, when the pollen level is at its lowest, as you will let in many pollen particles during the day, and only worsen your allergies.

"If you have neither allergies nor asthma, and are not bothered by pollen, smoke, dust, etc., but simply want a better indoor climate, then my assessment is - that you first try to achieve a better indoor climate with ventilation/drafting. Kristina, owner of the Asthma-Allergy shop.

If you ask the Danish Health Authority, they will neither recommend nor advise against an air purifier, but still recommend that you create drafts and ventilate several times a day to change the air.

Here at ÅBN, we naturally also recommend completely traditional ventilation - At least until there is a documented effect and legal requirements for the air cleaners. That said, it is only positive that the air purifiers can create more awareness of poor indoor climate and unhealthy air.

Here, the CLOUD as a CO2 indicator will help you remember when to ventilate. When it is red, the windows must be opened, and when it is blue, they can be closed again. In this way, you can always ensure that you have good indoor air quality.

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