Videocase: Kultur og Fritidsforvaltningen Københavns Kommune - Åbn

Video case: Culture and Leisure Administration Copenhagen Municipality

On the accounts in Copenhagen Municipality's Contact Center and Main Number, they have tried several times to focus on indoor climate through ventilation policies and efforts. They experienced that the efforts worked for a short time and did not result in a better indoor climate.
According to Team Leader Jakob Skov, it is a necessary focus, as their APVs show room for improvements to the working environment and health promotion. It includes the physical framework as well as the psychological. "Poor air quality does not contribute to better well-being, task performance or less stress, so of course it must be taken care of".

The SKYEN product was set up and implemented on several accounts in the Culture and Leisure Administration of ÅBN.
"It was quite easy, ÅBN was responsible for the setup, and we didn't have to do anything ourselves" - Jakob Skov.

By implementing SKYEN, the employees have improved the indoor climate, which has started a dialogue about the impact of the indoor climate on body and psyche.
"It's a good way to make it visible, and it's a cheap investment compared to making it visible that we actually have this (indoor climate) as an area of ​​focus, and it means something that you are in a good working environment" - Jakob Forest

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