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THE CLOUD resolved internal disagreements about the indoor climate

The situation:

In Copenhagen Municipality's Technology and Environmental Management, 500 employees work daily on 6 floors. In their building, they have suffered for many years with a poor indoor climate. The poor indoor climate has led to long discussions about the need for ventilation in the office.

With different perceptions of poor indoor climate, conflicts often arose between colleagues in relation to the need for ventilation. It was experienced that the conflict had a negative impact on daily operations and affected well-being.

The challenge was, among other things, the different individual needs for indoor climate conditions.

The solution:

That is why Copenhagen Municipality's Technology and Environmental Management has invested in the behaviour-changing solution, SKYEN. As part of the solution, ÅBN reviewed the building and came up with a professional assessment of the extent of the need for SKYER. With great success and demand from colleagues, the administration chose to invest in 100 units, incl. setup and posters, the purpose of which was to establish a ventilation policy based on their own design manual.

In order to avoid having to hang them up and disrupt daily operations, ÅBN SKYERNE set up in the offices.

The result:

The CLOUD has resolved the internal disagreements because it visualizes when to air out.

They also experienced that SKYEN helps to communicate indoor climate to the employees who have no technical interest. SKYEN accommodates those people who otherwise do not want to change their behavior on the basis of a presentation of raw indoor climate data.

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