Vibeskolen - Åbn

Vibe school

The situation:

Vibeskolen has 553 students in grades 0-9 and offers after-school care from grades 0-3. The school's building mass is of an older date, and is designed for indoor climate improvements.


As the school management is aware that the building mass is of an older date, they have previously set up IOT censors to obtain data on the indoor climate. Since the data from the censors had no beneficial effect on the indoor climate, they got the CLOUD up in their classrooms.

Since culture change and learning were in focus and not just reducing CO2, the school used the teaching material "Air for Learning".

The result:

"The teachers who have had SKYEN think it has been very rewarding to use SKYEN and the teaching material actively in teaching. We have other meters hanging, but the CLOUD is clearly better than meters with numbers"

Karen Rasmussen, Head of School Vibeskolen

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