VIGTIGT corona-råd undladt af Sundhedsstyrelsen: 'Det er meget problematisk' - Åbn

IMPORTANT corona advice omitted by the Danish Health Authority: 'It is very problematic'

The policy 22 August 2020

The authorities' five 'good tips', with hand sanitizer and distance, have gradually become everyday, to avoid corona infection.

Researchers and professors believe, however, that there is a lack of absolutely decisive advice.

“It is absolutely crucial advice. I cannot understand that the National Board of Health does not tell about it," says Thorkild IA Sørensen, professor of epidemiology at the University of Copenhagen.

Thorkild IA Sørensen believes that this is a serious problem.

The Danes should vent

The Danes have not been advised to ventilate. Open the windows, supply fresh air to closed rooms - this reduces the risk of infection via the droplet particles.

“The idea that you don't have to say everything is problematic. As citizens, we have a right to know what it is that can help us".

Karsten Pedersen, lecturer in communication

Although the infection is not said to be the airboat, 239 experts from 32 countries have called on the WHO to focus on the airborne infection.

'It is particularly acute'

In the report, they show that the problem is particularly acute indoors. Focus must be placed on ventilation in workplaces and schools. The existing guidelines for companies and institutions, including schools and universities, do not contain advice on venting. Thorkild IA Sørensen believes that the consequence is that very few, very few Danes know how important it is.

“It is very problematic. It is a lack of a very effective way to reduce the risk of infection, and especially the risk of becoming very ill from being infected", he says.

Will expand with the sixth council

At Open, we will help to expand the authorities' five 'good advice' to include ventilation as the sixth advice.

Ventilation and air exchange are essential to reduce the risk of infection. 

Below you can see a short video in which the airborne infection is clearly illustrated and simulated. 

At Öppen, we have not only developed a plug-and-play solution to ventilate more - we have built a universe around indoor climate, which ensures that the entire organization runs in and makes the implementation as effortless as possible. With SKYEN, you can be sure to be reminded to open the window.

The CLOUD glows blue when the indoor climate is good, and changes to a red color when the indoor climate is bad.

Get started right away - we offer a free consultation about your needs and organization. Contact us here .

Documented effect

With the support of Realdania, we have carried out a test of the CLOUD. The mid-term results show that with SKYEN you can almost eliminate the bad indoor climate.
Read along here.
Description that SKYEN and teaching provide significant improvements to the indoor climate, supported by Realdania

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