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Jacob Mark - MF, Socialist People's Party's plan for the indoor climate of schools

We have asked member of parliament Jacob Mark what they in the Socialist People's Party will do for the indoor climate in schools after this general election.

What is your and your party's long-term plan to improve the indoor climate in Danish primary schools?

"SF will set aside DKK 400 million annually for a better indoor climate over the next five years. It will go towards investments that will improve the indoor climate and the energy standard in Danish primary schools. We will also secure more resources for the Danish Center for Teaching Environment, which is the supervisory authority in the area. More staff are needed, at least one for each region, so that proper supervision of the teaching environment can be carried out."

In 2009, 2014 and 2021 there has been a focus on the indoor climate in connection with the mass experiment, where it has been proven that the indoor climate is far too bad - Why has nothing been done about it yet?

"Something has been done, but not enough at all. In the Finance Act for 2021, we have set aside DKK 295 million for a subsidy scheme for energy improvements in municipal and regional buildings in 2021 and 2022, and thus also in schools, which would like to lead to better In SF, we would have liked to see that the amount was greater and not only aimed at energy improvements. I believe that it is the changing governments, both the previous one and the current one, that have not delivered enough said that corona has delayed the work of pursuing the agenda, so I also have an expectation that the sitting minister will seriously move on the agenda after the election.

Why has budgeting for improving the indoor climate not been a priority in the Norwegian Parliament?

"As I said, we have succeeded in allocating money for energy improvements, but in SF we would have liked to see that more money was allocated and that we took longer to improve the indoor climate in schools. The government has apologized by saying that it is a long, tough and expensive move that is needed. I do not deny that it is expensive and that we cannot ensure a good indoor climate from one day to the next, but to reach the goal there must be a plan and resources behind it, and that plan I miss from the government."

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