Collection: ÅBN's indoor climate solutions

ÅBN offers a wide range of solutions designed to improve the indoor climate in both schools and offices. With a focus on simplicity and sustainability, our range includes the CO2 meter SKYEN, which makes it easy to monitor air quality and ensure a healthy and productive environment. SKYEN is equipped with advanced technology and can be combined with the learning material "Heroes of the Air," which engages students in understanding and improving their indoor climate.

Our products also include sensor meters, behavior kits and routine tools that together help create an environment with optimal air quality. A healthy indoor climate is essential for preventing problems such as difficulty concentrating, headaches and fatigue, which ultimately improves both well-being and performance.

ÅBN's solutions are not only effective, but also easy to implement and maintain. Whether it is a single classroom or a large office building, we offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. We are dedicated to delivering proven results through innovative technologies and practical tools that make a noticeable difference in everyday life.

Explore our full range and discover how ÅBN can help you achieve a better indoor climate. With our solutions, you can ensure a healthy, comfortable and productive environment, whether in an educational environment or a workplace. Visit our webshop to find the solution that best suits your needs and start the journey towards an improved indoor climate today.

A healthy indoor climate is essential to avoid consequences such as difficulty concentrating, headaches and fatigue.
With ÅBN's solutions, you get a documented indoor climate improvement tool that, through sensor meters, behavior change, habits and routine tools, improves the air quality in offices, schools and meeting rooms. This ensures an optimal, productive and healthy environment for everyone.