Setup instructions for SKYEN

The CLOUD is incredibly easy to get started with and only needs power to work.
To ensure that you get the most out of your investment in the CLOUD, we have put together a number of guides and tips. In the video below you can get tips on how to hang the CLOUD correctly to get the most accurate measurement.
Of course, we also offer to take care of the set-up. You can buy that right here: Click here for setup

When you have plugged in the CLOUD, it just needs a few hours to automatically calibrate itself to the room it is in. If you cut off the power to the CLOUD, it needs a few hours to auto-calibrate again when you connect it to again.

Download our screw guide here .

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This is how the CLOUD works in school

See this introduction to how the CLOUD works in school. In the video we will go into:

  1. What is THE CLOUD and how does it work?
  2. How is the SKYEN used in everyday life?
  3. What are the Heroes of the Air?
  4. What is Air for Learning?
  5. How do you vent in the best possible way?
  6. What should we do if it doesn't work for us?

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