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Venting routine kit - become one of the Heroes of the Air!

Venting routine kit - become one of the Heroes of the Air!

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Take control of the indoor climate in your classroom without the use of a CO2 sensor with our fantastic Venting routine kit from ÅBN. Get a complete kit that includes everything you need to create a healthier and more comfortable atmosphere in the classroom.

What do you get with the Heroes of the Air kit?

  • Airing schedule : A clear schedule that helps you plan and remember the airing times. This ensures that air is always released at the most optimal times, such as in the morning, during breaks and after high activity.

  • The indoor climate pledge : Together with the students, you can draw up an indoor climate pledge, where you agree on rules and habits to maintain a good indoor climate. This creates a sense of ownership and responsibility in the students, and you can hang your pledge in the class as a reminder.
  • Sticker : A smart sticker shaped like a cloud that makes it easy and fun to keep track of the ventilation. Each week, a new student writes his name on the sticker and becomes the week's "Air Hero", who is responsible for airing out.

  • Brain Breaks : A collection of fun and energizing activities that can be used when venting. It gives students a break from class and helps them recharge and stay focused. Brain Breaks include everything from weather forecast massages to creative movement games.

By investing in the Air Heroes kit, you not only get practical tools for better air quality, but also an engaging and interactive way to teach students about the importance of a good indoor climate.

Make a difference today - buy the Luftens Helte kit for only DKK 79 and become part of the hero community!

Buy now and feel the difference in your class.

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To mænd står og snakker. Den ene holder æsken til CO2-måleren, SKYEN, fra ÅBN

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