Ældreforvaltningen Ærø Kommune - Åbn

Elderly Administration Ærø Municipality

The situation:

Elderly care at Ærø has a major focus on infection prevention measures and creating a culture where health-preventive behavior is in focus and prioritised. This prevention includes both psychological and physical elements, of which CO2 affects both.


To visualize the CO2 levels and give the employees the opportunity to take action when the CO2 levels get too high, they have the CLOUD hanging in meeting rooms and offices.

THE CLOUD creates the framework for preventive behaviour. 

The result:

"After the CLOUDS have been hung up in the meeting rooms in the care for the elderly, we have got a different ventilation pattern. We have always had the view that we were focused on venting, but now SKYEN helps support that we get venting when there is a need.

After we installed SKYEN, several meeting participants have expressed that they do not feel so tired after the meetings, now that we are focusing on ventilation.

SKYEN has also given rise to talk about how the indoor climate affects us both in terms of well-being and health. We are happy with it and want to test it in other parts of the elderly area" - Malene Leegaard Møller, Head of Elderly and Health.

Malene Leegaard Møller, Elderly and health manager at Ærø elderly care
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