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5 things that cause a bad indoor climate in the office

The indoor climate in many offices is bad. Read which 5 indoor climate culprits are the worst - and also get 5 good tips to improve the indoor climate in the office.

The carpet

The carpet is an effective noise dampener, but not a particularly climate-friendly one of its kind. Make sure to have the carpets vacuumed frequently and thoroughly – or better yet, remove it if possible.

Dirty floor and lack of cleaning

Carpet or not, a dirty floor can also provide fertile ground for a bad indoor climate. The dust is stirred up by all the colleagues and is partly responsible for the poor indoor climate. Therefore, keep the floor as tidy as possible so that it is easy to reach with the vacuum cleaner.

Printers and other electronics

When electronic devices such as printers or computers heat up, are charged or stand by, they emit gas. It goes beyond the indoor climate, as you and your colleagues draw the chemicals into your lungs when you sit and work. If the above point dirty floor and lack of cleaning is not completed, the dust collects in the appliances and binds the chemicals there and then it is immediately even worse.

Insufficient ventilation

When there is insufficient airing out or ventilation, the CO2 level in the room becomes too high. Among other things, it goes beyond sick days, causes risk and worsening of asthma, reduced performance and much more. 

By opening a window, you can reduce the CO2 level to an acceptable level. It is important to ventilate correctly with drafts for 5-10 minutes, so as not to cool down the interior. If you cool down the interior, you increase the risk of mold, like if you only have the window ajar. Read a lot more about this here: Ventilation CAN cause mold – but... 

CO2 is an invisible quantity and cannot be felt until it is really bad. If you are in doubt about what your CO2 level looks like, contact us . We are experts in behavior and culture around indoor climate and deliver tailored ventilation policies.

Degassing of new furniture

New furniture such as bookcases, sofas, chairs etc. emit chemicals. It may therefore be a good idea to place them outside, in a garage or similar before they are put into use, to avoid getting too many gases into the office.

5 Good advice for the indoor climate in the office

  1. Remove the carpet
  2. Make a printer room for the stationary electronics.
  3. Furnish the office in a way that is easy to clean, so that it is easy to get to. Both on tables and floor.
  4. Do a main cleaning twice a year.
  5. Buy a CO2 indicator to ensure correct and sufficient ventilation. At ÅBN, we have designed SKYEN and the indoor climate routine kit, Luftens Helte , for this very purpose.
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