Industriens komponentmangel øger leveringstiden - Åbn

The industry's component shortage increases delivery time


COVID-19 has left its mark on everyone's life and behaviour. It has now also cast its shadows on the electronics industry, which has resulted in a global component shortage.

You've probably heard about it - a PS5 that has been sold out since November 2020, Samsung postponing the launch of their new smartphone. COVID-19 has resulted in a global component shortage, which is increasing delivery times for electronics manufacturers.

Among other things, it is the great demand for everything from simple consumer electronics, components for cars and more complex components that is putting pressure on the component factories right now.

The factories have no more spare capacity and the producers (like us) have to arm themselves with patience. The factories cannot simply expand the capacity of the factories.

Here comes the classic supply/demand effect. The big manufacturers such as Apple etc., buy up large quantities of components so that the supply is lower, the prices increase and end up being non-existent.

But - THE CLOUDS are coming!

However, we do not expect to be as affected by the crisis as many others.

Although the crisis has increased the delivery time on our current order, do not expect a 12-18 month delay.

Call or write to us and we will probably find a solution together that will enable you to get started quickly, and we will keep you updated with delivery times.

Watch this video from DR, which explains the challenge:

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