Et godt indeklima med udluftning på kontoret - men hvordan? - Åbn

A good indoor climate with natural ventilation in the office - but how?

When do you have to air out? When have you vented sufficiently? What is the best way to ventilate? Who decides that?

It is neither the first time that we mention it, nor something completely new - but you can achieve great benefits by having a good indoor climate in the office or in the primary school. 

The indoor climate includes temperature, draft, air quality, lighting, noise and acoustics.

In this blog post, we would like to shed light on the topic of venting, as we help more and more people develop a venting policy.

When you sit and work in an office, you rarely notice that the air gets heavy and the heads even heavier. By the time you even feel it, the damage has often been done. The heavy air is due to high concentrations of CO2 in the room, which can be reduced with a good air exchange - either through ventilation systems or venting.

The easiest and cheapest solution to get better air quality in the room, office or classroom is simple ventilation for 5-10 minutes.

But ventilation is not just about opening a window. All rooms are different and it is important to think about air flow.

Create penetration

First of all, it is important to create drafts in the room - also in winter. That way, it doesn't add to the energy bill, because it's just air exchange. If, on the other hand, you ventilate with one window, you start to cool down the interior, and then the heating bill goes up if you leave the window open for too long.

Once you have created a draft, it is important to look at the air flow. It should not just seep out through the room – it is, of course, better than nothing. But make sure you think about where the air is replaced.

But think about where you create drafts

For example, if you have an office outside for a review, you must consider whether you are drawing the bad air in with you. If the bad indoor climate comes from the hallway, the bad air is simply sucked into the room.

This was the case in our own former office in a listed building - read the post and what we did about it here .

"When have I vented enough, and how do I nip it in the bud?" you think enough!

We had that thought ourselves, and that is why we have developed SKYEN .

SKYEN is a nudging device that tells you when it is time to air out the room and can ensure that everyone gets a healthy indoor climate. In the same way that it tells you when to ventilate, it also tells you when to close the window again - so you ventilate sufficiently. Not too much and not too little.

The CLOUD just needs to be plugged in - and then it works. After 24 hours, it has calibrated itself to the size of the room and measures most precisely. It lights up blue when the air quality (CO2 level) is good, and red when it is bad, based on values ​​set by the Norwegian Working Environment Authority.

Are you interested in hearing more about venting, venting policies or THE CLOUD? Then contact us.

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