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Hellevad School, Aabenraa municipality

Focus on a good indoor climate in Hellevad Children's Universe

The situation:
At Hellevad school, there was a desire for a focus on good indoor climate, and joint leader Søren Kim Grøn Sørensen was aware of the consequences of poor indoor climate. At the same time, he knew that installing ventilation systems is often a very expensive solution. Especially when it comes to older buildings that are not prepared for it.

Hellevad Children's Universe is therefore part of a test course, facilitated by the Children and Youth Administration in Aabenraa Municipality, which is about improving the indoor climate in the classrooms.

The solution:
On this occasion, Hellevad school has had SKYEN implemented in their classrooms. Here the students have been given the responsibility of venting out when the CLOUD is red, and closing the window when it is blue. And because of this, the school has increased health, learning and well-being in the classroom.

"We have no mechanical ventilation in our classrooms, but we have experienced that we can get the levels down so far that mechanical ventilation may not be a necessity, as a good indoor climate can be achieved by correct ventilation behavior - if the building itself allows it."
Søren Kim Grøn Sørensen - Community leader, Hellevad Children's Universe.

Søren Kim Grøn Sørensen Community leader, Hellevad Children's Universe
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