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Rysensteen Gymnasium

The situation:
Property and Service manager Michael Lee Knudsen has no doubts; Rysensteen's high school's core service lies in teaching young people. The high school is familiar with the challenge of learning ability falling as the indoor climate deteriorates.

The solution:
It is important for Rysensteen Gymnasium to convey to teachers and students that obtaining and maintaining a healthy and good learning environment - including a good indoor climate - is a joint task. The physical framework cannot stand alone for the indoor climate, and users must also act in such a way that ventilation is part of everyday life. Based on this, the high school has installed SKYEN in part of the premises, as a supplement to the CTS system.

The result:

Michael Lee Knudsen talks about the collaboration with ÅBN and the use of SKYEN: "We have experienced a good and fruitful collaboration with ÅBN and Laura Falk, agreements are respected and they are always available to get in touch with. We are thinking of starting the next process, where behavior also becomes a theme. We have become happy with SKYEN and have a clear feeling that the longer time goes by, the better the users become at decoding the indoor climate both in rooms with and without SKYEN. Since, through the process of implementing the SKYEN, we have involved students in the decisions via the Indeklima Ambassador Education and through the work at the school, we have had a good start and acceptance of the initiative."


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