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Behavior regulation in buildings

Indoor climate can be a problem in all buildings – even in your new modern building. If the problem is investigated, it is not always the technology that is the culprit - most often it is about us humans.

It is precisely this problem that we at ÅBN can help with through our work with indoor climate behavior regulation.

Our unique indoor climate preferences emphasize how complex it can be to achieve an ideal indoor climate. From a technical perspective, CO2 levels above 1000 PPM are known to have a detrimental effect on our health; but if the indoor climate experienced is not pleasant and comfortable for those inside, what good is this limit value?

In over 60 municipalities, agencies and private companies, we have created a better perceived indoor climate, while at the same time improving or maintaining the technically measured indoor climate. This is done by setting the framework for a change in indoor climate behavior and thereby creating a cultural change.

At ÅBN, our mission involves much more than simply delivering a quality product. We are dedicated to ensuring that the CLOUD and the complementary behavioral design consulting services we offer meet your specific requirements in an effortless manner.

As an administrative manager, director or member of the AMO group, it can be frustrating when complaints arise regarding the indoor climate. Symptoms such as headaches, increased absenteeism and difficulty concentrating affect people's health and productivity.

To ensure these issues are taken seriously, we must strive for solutions that minimize any complaints with a common understanding of the CO2 level via SKYEN's colors - promoting confidence in ventilation systems while improving APV ratings.

Make the technique understandable

ÅBN's technical approach to indoor climate can help ensure that buildings function optimally. Our tool, THE CLOUD, allows technicians like you to interact with users in a meaningful way when addressing any air quality or ventilation issues they may have. With THE CLOUD, it's easier than ever for you to control how your facility is working while maintaining a high level of user satisfaction!

Most ventilation systems cannot keep up with the peak load periods, and this is often quite normal depending on the dimensioning of the system. However, it is important to be able to react when peak loads occur and the plant cannot keep up. With optimized ventilation, the system can even be turned down, and in some cases completely switched off during the summer, when frequent ventilation can ensure a constant good indoor climate.

Many people think that as long as ventilation is set up in a room, the indoor climate is good. However, we consider it a false sense of security, as the indoor climate is only good if the system is optimized for the number of people in the room and it is properly maintained. With a SKY, you can constantly monitor whether the system replaces the desired amount of air and keeps the indoor climate optimal, or whether it needs service/maintenance. 

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