Dansk Industri sætter skolernes indeklima på politisk dagsorden - Åbn

Danish Industry puts the indoor climate of schools on the political agenda

Together with a number of actors, including ÅBN, Dansk Industri (DI) focuses on the poor indoor climate in primary schools and possible solutions that can be considered.

9 out of 10 children sit in a bad indoor climate in primary school.

An indoor climate that is so bad that it kills 10% of their education.

Therefore, together with a number of members, Dansk Industri has chosen to publish the catalog "Poor indoor climate in the school - a catalog of ideas". The goal is for the catalog to be handed over to the current Minister for Children and Education, Mattias Tesfaye, so that the government can deal with the problem on a large scale.

The catalog has been a long time in the making, as it has both involved citizens at the Folkemødet 2022 and member organizations that have knowledge of the problem and solutions in the area.

In connection with the presentation, DI runs a campaign in which ÅBN actively participates.

This means, among other things, that we have been out to a number of schools and drawn limp windows, which address the problem in the 10th field, where it says that "poor indoor climate kills 10% of your education".

Man puts sledgehammers from 1-10 on the floor and a sign with #ladosløsedetsammen

In addition, we take part in interviews and in campaign videos where, together with school leaders, we talk about good experiences with using ÅBN and SKYEN.

Six good tips

In the catalogue, DI comes up with six good tips for improving the indoor climate in schools. The advice came from the People's Meeting for a co-creation workshop with school students, parents, grandparents, the Association of School Leaders, the Danish Teachers' Association, Schools and Parents, Realdania, the Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI) and Danish Architects.

The advice is:

  1. Put sensors in the classrooms
  2. Air out more
  3. Involve students and student roots in the solution
  4. Carry out the lessons outside – when it makes sense
  5. Makes the indoor climate visible
  6. Use existing inspiration material

ÅBN is fully responsible for all advice, and we look forward to seeing that they are used in practice.

In distinguished company

We are honored to be in the company of Realdania, NIRAS, MOE, DTU, Technological Institute, Alexandra Institute and Smith Innovation as literature for DI's idea catalogue. 

We do this with our survey, which draws a thick line under behavior related to ventilation means a lot to the quality of the indoor climate.

Download and read the report here.

Read the catalog of ideas 

Have you been inspired and want to read the catalog of ideas? Read about the catalog and more about the effort here !

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