Opnå et bedre indeklima med INSIDE+ indeklimamåling

Achieve a better indoor climate with INSIDE+ indoor climate measurement

At ÅBN, we understand the importance of a good indoor climate for both well-being and productivity.

That is why we offer municipalities, schools, educational institutions and companies the opportunity to test our advanced IoT sensor, INSIDE+ for indoor climate measurement.

This sensor monitors and visualizes the indoor climate using six parameters: CO2, temperature, noise, humidity, TVOC and brightness.

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You will get that

  • SKYEN IoT sensor
  • Onboarding kit tailored for school or office
  • Installation of your devices
  • Test course for documentation of experienced and current indoor climate
  • Quarterly report with insight into your indoor climate during the test period.
    • Insight into the indoor climate improvement potential and the energy saving potential.
  • Dedicated project manager from ÅBN throughout the entire test process.

INSIDE+ is designed to send data directly to the customer's own systems and visualize this on an accompanying dashboard as well as in detailed reports.

The purpose of the test course is to give you an in-depth evaluation of your current indoor climate and show the benefits of accurate indoor climate measurement with INSIDE+.

Our indoor climate measurement is carefully designed to ensure a thorough assessment and continuous improvement of the indoor climate.

What does the test course include?

Project plan for indoor climate measurement with ÅBN

The project begins with a careful planning and presentation where we introduce contact persons to the project and gather their input. The implementation includes presentation of INSIDE+ and the accompanying material as well as installation of the sensors.

1. Baseline evaluation:

We start with a thorough evaluation of the current indoor climate and the staff's experienced indoor climate. This indoor climate measurement gives us a reference to understand the improvements achieved with INSIDE+.

2. Onboarding of staff:

We offer a dedicated onboarding process with visual material that engages users and ensures that everyone can easily use INSIDE+

3. 14 day check-up:

After the implementation of INSIDE+, we carry out a check-up with the contact person from the municipality or school to ensure that everything is working optimally. Two weeks after implementation, we carry out the first evaluation based on the collected indoor climate measurement data and the staff's experiences.

4. Final evaluation:

We carry out a final evaluation through questionnaires that are sent to the staff and management. This helps us collect feedback about the user experience and the results achieved in the indoor climate measurement. After the final evaluation, we collect all feedback and present the improvements achieved. We ensure that the objectives and expectations are met, and assess the possibilities for scaling the project.

5. Reporting and presentation:

The final phase includes a detailed report and presentation of the collected data from the CLOUD as well as the evaluations from the staff. We review the results and discuss the potential for further optimization and scaling of the solution.

Person who holds ÅBN's INSIDE+ brochure on improved indoor climate

Are you interested in improving the indoor climate in your organization?

Book a demo and experience for yourself how INSIDE+ can make a difference for you.

Documented solution

Our solution is both technically documented and has created documented behavioral changes.

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