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Ventilation in the classroom

How is it done in the best possible way? And without fuss among a lot of smaller children?

We have previously mentioned how important indoor climate is both at home and in the office, but it is of course also super important at school.

And it's hard to fathom how many advantages there are in ensuring that there is good air in the classroom.

Although SKYEN only measures CO2, it is both temperature, humidity, drafts and the amount of dust and microorganisms that affect the children and teachers during the course of a day.

All this gives the children headaches, but also difficulty concentrating, which affects their learning to a great extent.

So how do you ensure that the children and teachers get the best possible conditions during a school day?

Ensure thorough, frequent ventilation. However, it is also important that no one feels they are sitting in a row, especially during the winter months when it is cold.

It can also be difficult to know how little and how much to ventilate, and you can easily forget to open the windows in the first place - Especially when it has to be done for the first time already in the morning, and several times during the day.

In addition, a single open window is not enough in most cases, as thorough ventilation also requires creating drafts. Imagine that the air needs to be replaced, and replaced with new air - this will take a very long time without draft, because the air is not "sucked" out.

"How do I make sure I remember all that and at the same time keep track of the school children?"

We understand what you're thinking, because 20 schoolchildren in the first grade are no joke to keep track of.

It is, among other things, therefore, that we have developed the CLOUD in collaboration with the children. It is simply their illustration of indoor climate, both good and bad.

As a nudging device, SKYEN can tell when it is time to air out the classroom. At the same time, it can also indicate when the window can be closed again. That way, there are no conflicts about whether the window should be open or closed.

With our "Heroes of the Air" behavior kit, the teacher can appoint a weekly Hero of the Air, in exactly the same way as a weekly dux is appointed.

The weekly Hero of the Air will here be responsible for the indoor climate of classrooms, and make sure to open and close the windows.

In this way, the teacher can easily and calmly give responsibility to a student, and be sure that the indoor climate is good, while at the same time being able to concentrate on all the students.

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