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OPEN at the Folkemødet for the indoor climate in primary schools 2022

Again this year, ÅBN participated in the Folkemødet on Bornholm. Read here about what happened

The People's Meeting is held once a year for a week in June in Allinge on Bornholm. At Folkemødet, groups and people with an interest in democracy and political positions meet.

ÅBN participated all weekend, and hold up a People's meeting we had this year!

On Friday 17/6-2022, our COO Kristoffer Jensen took part in "The smell of liver pate ice cream - this is how we ventilate in class".

DI – Dansk Industri had set up a good talk about the indoor climate in elementary schools, including a pitch competition to win the Children's Indoor Climate Award 2022. Here, the focus was on how important a good indoor climate is and how much it can affect the students' learning. Among other things, it was described how the indoor climate can affect pupils' performance and learning by up to 10 per cent, and that children can lose up to a whole year of learning caused by a bad indoor climate.

A total of 3 different solutions were presented for this problem, including THE CLOUD. After that, it was up to the most relevant judge, namely representatives from Danish School Students, who should win.

ÅBN was named the winner and won the Children's Indoor Climate Award 2022

And what does that mean?

Chairman of Danish School Students, Mille Borgen Mikkelsen says, among other things: "Ask any student; they will say that the indoor climate is one of schools' biggest problems"

"We have chosen the winner because it seems like something concrete that can be done here and now and that doesn't cost a fortune".

We won, among other things also because the students are involved in the development of SKYEN, and become part of the airing and culture about it. It is edible for children of almost all ages to relate to the fact that the windows must be opened when the CLOUD is red.

And - should challenges arise in e.g. classroom, our Luftens Helte behavior kit helps both teachers and students to keep calm while venting.

ÅBN's won first place trophy for the "Children's Indoor Climate Award" 2022

But the People's Assembly lasted the whole weekend, so what happened the rest of the time?

In addition to participating in the competition and winning the Children's Indoor Climate Award 2022, ÅBN also participated in other indoor climate-related debates and presentations.

Realdania organized the presentation: " Live with it! How will we live and work after the pandemic?”

Here we talked and debated about the COVID-19 pandemic and what we have taken with us from it - including indoor climate and what worked and what didn't work.

Here we would also like to thank researcher Lars Pico Geertsen, with whom we had a really good chat about indoor climate.

Lars Pico Geertsen is currently underway with a huge research project concerning indoor climate and how it could have helped to reduce infection.

During the debate, Lars Pico Geertsen said that the COVID-19 infection starts right down in the nursery, the kindergarten and the smallest classes in the primary school. Here it was clear that the pedagogues in the nursery and kindergarten quickly adapted to the fact that they had to be cleaned better and cleaned more, as they are already used to having to do this kind of work.

However, the change in behavior became more challenging in primary school, as the teacher is not used to having to interact with the students in the same way. However, Lars was convinced that thorough ventilation will significantly lower the risk of infection among schoolchildren. This is, among other things, also some of the things that he will continue with in his research project, such as some of the things that worked during the pandemic.

Here, our Heroes of the Air behavior kit in collaboration with SKYEN will be an obvious opportunity to help the teacher remember venting, and at the same time involve the students in this.

Read about SKYEN and Luftens Helte here: https://aabn.io/collections/skoler

NB: Credit for the photos to Joshua Tree Photography

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