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Why is a blue SKY a good thing?

THE CLOUD visualizes the CO2 level. If the CLOUD is red, it means that the CO2 level is higher than the recommended level of 1000PPM, which is why it needs to be vented. But what if the CLOUD is constantly blue? Should there never be airing out? And is the CLOUD necessary at all?

At ÅBN, unlike others, we work with indoor climate behaviour . With SKYEN, the indoor climate is visualized, and with this we can change behaviour, including ventilation patterns, the experienced indoor climate and the use of the technical system – SKYEN works in ALL buildings.

Jakob Skov, Team Leader for the Municipality of Copenhagen states, among other things:

"We saw the cloud and were inspired because, like all other public offices, we have made efforts to vent and remind each other to vent. It works for a week, and then everyone forgets the agreements that were made"

Even if you continuously try to improve the indoor climate, it is difficult to keep the habits the same.

Some may find it difficult to see how they can use the CLOUD when it is blue, as it does not allow for venting.

All people in a building have an individual behavior, and here the CLOUD can help. A blue SKY can also ensure that the facility works, and is allowed to work, so that we can support the municipalities' sustainable agenda via behaviour.

Among other things, we help with proper ventilation, which also provides savings on the energy bill, as well as eliminating the dilemma of how long the windows must be left open.

"One experience is that by creating a proper draft, you can typically reduce the time for venting by 2/3. This results in significantly less heat loss during the cold periods.” – Case with ÅBN and Nordfyn municipality.

A management tool

ÅBN can support the technicians' actions with behavior and help clients achieve their sustainability strategy of reduced energy and CO2 emissions.

As part of the sustainability strategy, there are also expectations that every employee performs with an extreme cognitive capacity. Therefore, we ensure the framework conditions for an optimal indoor climate that increases performance among employees. We are the indoor climate consultant who is most often missing in a workplace and who is able to take care of the behaviour. It is therefore also important for us to follow our customers all the way, and not just set up a SKY to leave a workplace with one big question about how it can help them.

In addition, SKYEN is also a management tool, which shows that the managers take responsibility for the employees and the working environment. Jakob Skov states:

"It's a good way to make it visible, and it's a cheap investment compared to making it visible that we actually have this (indoor climate) as an area of ​​focus, and it means something that you are in a good working environment".

We experience that the indoor climate can often create disagreements in the workplace. Therefore, it can give rise to talk about indoor climate as a common reference point. Here the CLOUD can act as a Discussion Stopper , as disagreements about when the windows should be opened or closed are eliminated.

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